Eva Mosonyi

Born in 1935 in Budapest, Hungary.Her innate talents as an illustrator, recognized at an early age, will get her to be admitted at a very young age to the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and permit her to receive a rigorous artistic training under the direction of reputable teachers. She pursued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Montreal, upon her arrival in Canada in 1956, after the revolution broke out in her home country. She exposes her work in Montreal’s galleries in the 1960s and is received by the public and critics in a most favorable way. To this day, amateurs and connoisseurs favor and support her. She represents scenes for the everyday life and expresses, in a truthful way, the interactions between her characters. All of her paintings are executed with great ability may they present family scenes, a friendly and warm meeting, divers scenes of children playing or an agitated crowd circulating in urban spaces. Serenity, calm, “joie de vivre”, and the immense love that the artist has for the people that surround her, all come through her beautiful works of art which are extremely popular among collectors of fine art.