Amneris Fernandez

Amneris Fernandez is an artist who is rapidly gaining recognition for his realistic depiction of Canada’s wildlife and historic Inuit life. Born in Venezuela, Fernandez began his artistic career with Venezuelan “Macatro” Pascual Navarro and later joined the School of Fine Arts “Cristobal Rojas” in Caracas. In 1975 he moved to London, England where he perfected his artistic techniques at the Saint Martin’s School of Fine Arts. In 1981 he returned to Venezuela to depict the lives of the native countrymen, and of Venezuela’s independence heroes. In 1985 he won first prize at the Annual Symposium of Fine Arts. In 1988 Fernandez moved to Canada and was immediately taken by its wildlife, and by the strong people of the North. He made his home in Quebec, where he continues to dedicate his life to his art.